Notes from the EditorNotes from the Editor

Work, work.

Hey all,

If you're a fan of the Warcraft franchise via Blizzard Entertainment (I suppose it's Activision-Blizzard technically) then you mind may have drifted to an image of an overworked peon chopping down wood or harvesting gold from a local quarry.

If not, then, well, I have failed you this morning and all I've done is remind you that there's even more work to be done. Sorry about that. But, it would be your own fault if the first thing you thought of was Rihanna. 😉

On a personal note, a Pinpoint blog post recently received a lot of attention and I wrote a quick retrospective on how we managed to "pull this off". Sometimes it's just about showing up, doing the work, and not giving up.

Sounds like how we build a software engineering career, right? Have a great week folks, go get 'em.

John // @8BIT // @WhatisPinpoint


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