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Depends on Your Perspective.

Hey folks,

To start, one of our readers, Ben Maggacis, gave me some (political) feedback via the last issue which I greatly appreciate and which I believe to be true for most things. Consider his comments:

If you're behind Trump then his entrepreneurialism and his disrupt-the-establishment startup-like approach will motivate you or if you're against him then you're motivated to get into a stronger position to be able to more effectively fight against him. It all depends on your perspective.

The reality is that #EngOps is very much like this as well - we're going to fight hard for better products, better systems, better organizations, and better teams and leadership and everything that goes into building things that matter.

The specifics and politics aside, the end-result and aim is still the same: We're all motivated to do better, to create more value, to live fuller and more meaningful lives.

Thanks Ben (and everyone else) for sending me thoughts on every issue. Still defining the voice and perspective and even my own opinion as we put this thing together.

Onward, upward.

John // @8BIT // @WhatisPinpoint


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