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Same $#!*, Different Day

Hey All,

This is the sentiment that myself, my friends, and many of you are feeling. Yes, we get it... the world is crumbling around us while we continue to focus "blindly" on building software and optimizing the heck out of our high-performing teams, right?

Well, no actually. We are all well-aware of what's going on and we're doing our best to stay on top of it all. There is just... so... much... noise out there and it's becoming even more difficult to stay in the loop without being immensely distracted.

And that's why this simple newsletter exists: To make your life, at least once (or twice) a week, more manageable. Trust us with some of the more important pieces of content and then focus on doing what you do best: Building the amazing #EngOps teams and the software that's changing the world.

It'll all be okay, I promise.

John // 8BIT // @WhatisPinpoint


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