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The Last Day of May

Hey folks,

Been busy over here. How about you? Yes, that's what I thought... busy too.

School is done for the kids (for those that have kids) and we're all moving into the Summer Season, trying to configure a new daily and weekly schedule and reality. Also, more than a handful of you are also starting new projects and jobs (at least as I'm told via your emails and such) and I'm really excited for this next season! You're going to do great.

We are half-way through the 2017 calendar year and it's hard to imagine that we've come this far already. As I look at what the back-half might bring I won't lie - I'm anxiously excited and even a bit nervous. Things change so fast in our world and if you just survey the last 6 months it'll make your mind spin.

But, we'll get through it together, shall we? Onward and upward. Let me know if you need anything from me.

john // @WhatIsPinpoint


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