Notes from the EditorNotes from the Editor

Three-Three, Ya'll.

Hey folks!

It's issue #33 and it's the first issue out that's working a new schedule. As I shared in last week's issue, we're "doubling-down" on product and engineering at Pinpoint which means that we're going to be moving the cadence of both the blog and the newsletter to one time a week.

But, you'll still get all the goodness that you expect... just a bit less clutter in your inbox! Hey, that's not bad, right? As I also mentioned, this may just be temporary as we declutter our team's roadmap and find a bit more margin. I, for one, particularly enjoy collecting and curating these things.

Let me know if you see anything strange or ever want to chat. You can, of course, join our public Slack Group too, which is always open for a drop-in.

john // @WhatIsPinpoint


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