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Bob Dylan, Yo.

Hey Folks,

Times... they are a changin'! But in good ways, right?

I mean, you're changing. The teams that you're part of are changing. The products that you're building... they are changing. And, as we know, many of the very industries that we currently work in are also changing, almost too rapidly to wrap our heads around!

And at Pinpoint we're also changing things up a bit. Nothing dramatic, mind you, but, we are essentially doubling down on a few things and making sure that we can focus our time and efforts in the best way possible.

As I share in that post, it means that we're changing the amount of issues into your awesome inboxes to one a week. I know, I know... you're incredibly saddened by this and feels like the precursor to a terrible breakup. Trust me, it's not! We're going to move to a mid-week issue and as our own startup changes and evolves we may come back to the bi-weekly schedule that you've grown accustomed to and love!

Times... they are a changin'...!

Hit me up if you have any questions or if there's anything I can do for you!

john // @WhatIsPinpoint


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