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Never Stop Learning.

Hey folks!

I've been thinking about my own technology and software career, of late, and how it's been a very "interesting" one. I suppose all of our careers are a bit like that, right? There is no "right" way to build a career and especially in our field of work we have to keep going "back to school" all the time since it's always changing, evolving, and changing some more.

Even while we put together our product and building momentum we've included in that growth process an opportunity to "go back to school" ourselves, to continue to learn what it means to build a successful product and business.

If we stop learning we are either retired or dead. Perhaps the latter, actually, because even in retirement I imagine that most of us will want to continue to learn until the very end. It's always a good time to be learning (and relearning).

Let's continue to push each other as best as we can to be the very best that we can be. If you want another community in which to do that... we've got a growing Slack Group that we'd love for you to join.


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