Notes from the EditorNotes from the Editor

OMG. It's April.

Hey folks,

Yes, it's April already and we're now working ourselves into the second quarter of 2017. Can't believe it.

Oh, and thanks for your feedback on the timing of the newsletter! I got a bunch of responses and I really appreciate it. At this point in time, we'll keep it going on the Tuesday / Thursday slot and I feel just fine about doing that.

Finally, although there's some really good news and links here... there's something at the end in Miscellany that I'd love your thoughts about. The concept of doing "point and call" in my own life had me thinking about the potential of personal application.

Besides, I'm going to need something to fill in the gap of time that I've gotten back since quitting Twitter; if you have any thoughts on that I'd love them.

john // @WhatisPinpoint


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