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Hey Folks!

Hope the week has been great so far! There's been "a lot" of news and then, at the exact same time, there has been "a lot" of noise as well. The most challenging thing with these types of newsletters is trying to sift through it all to create as much signal as I possibly can.

So, how do I do it? That's a great question. It's not exactly a science, that's for sure, but what I do is essentially "time" the amount of time that I spend on any article that comes through my virtual doors. In other words, if I read through an entire article it immediately becomes a candidate for the newsletter. And, if I respond or share it publicly or privately I know that it meant a lot to me.

This is just one way that I keep the signal and value in perspective. If you have any other thoughts or suggestions or strategies, I'm all ears!

Have a great week folks. Keep doing great work. You got this.

john // @8BIT // @WhatisPinpoint


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