Notes from the EditorNotes from the Editor

The Last Day...

... of February, 2017. Wow, has things moved fast!

I hope this month has proven to be a great one and as we all move into the last month of the first quarter of 2017 I hope that we can all say the same thing: "Good work has been done."

Honestly, it's hard to know at times because our worlds' can become so small as we focus hard on getting through each and every day. Perspective is what we all need more of and I hope that this newsletter is one avenue by and through which you can get a bit more perspective.

I mean, of course, the last thing I want it to be is a waste of your time or something that you immediately toss when you see it. I'd like to think that you're reading, your enjoying, you're consuming, and you're learning new and exciting things.

And, of course, please let me know if you're not.

John // @8BIT // @WhatisPinpoint


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